Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Final Project Website

Mia's News Site

This link leads to the website that I made as a part of my final project. I made the website using Wix. The site contains an "About Us" page, where it describes each member of the "news" team. Then, I also included four fake news articles, and one real news article. With each of these news articles, I used photo shopping skills. There is a button on the "News Articles" page, which leads to a google form and allows viewers to choose which news article they think is the real one. They can view the right answer immediately after submitting the form. There is a "key" tab on my website which shows which articles were real and which ones were fake. The last tab has two links: one link to my Patriots survey and another link to the corresponding infographic.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Entire Junior Class at Sandwich High School Decides to Drop Out to Join the Circus

By: Mia DeFelice and Abby Rendon 

Five hundred students, mostly consisting of juniors, dropped out of local high school last Thursday in hopes of creating a circus. The revolt was led by juniors Mia DeFelice and Abby Rendon when they asked for longer lunch times, and the request was ignored. 

When asked why they decided to take such extreme measures, Rendon claimed, "We just wanted a couple extra minutes to eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and we were very upset when our needs were not met." Their plan is to create a circus consisting of any junior/ high school student that wants to participate and knows how to make a sandwich. STEM students are not allowed to participate in the circus. 

When we asked DeFelice what the circus would consist of, she claimed, "The plan is not perfect, yet, and we are still figuring out what the circus will be. However, we have no regrets about dropping out. We just knew that we wanted to get away from such a hypocritical, confining school." Other students began to support Rendon and DeFelice in their protest when free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were offered for anyone that wished to drop out with them. 

Local parents have spoken out concerns about the students' plan. They are worried that the young adults will acquire too much wealth, and then refuse to donate some of that money to the Corporation of Peanut Butter and Jelly Foundation Association, also known as COPBAJFA. Other parents have donated hundreds of cans of peanut butter and even jelly to the students' circus in hopes of gaining free tickets to their first show, which will take place in the high school gym on April 13th. 

The administration of the local school spoke out this past week and said, "Although we are disheartened that our beloved class of 2019 has dropped out in its entirety, we are happy to support them in their right to protest. Our lunch times are currently 25 minutes long, which we believe is sufficient time to eat a sandwich. We are standing strong on our refusal of their request, and we wish them the best in their journey in the wonderful field of circusness." 

The students are hoping to gain support from anybody around the country. Rendon and DeFelice put out an announcement on social media this past weekend, saying "If you agree with us and would like to join our circus, please contact us immediately at We are open to anybody who would like to join, but please, as stated earlier, no STEM students." We wish the class the best of luck in their journey. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Real or Fake Articles?

Partner: Abby Rendon
This website looks fake because there are links that look unfinished, and the information listed looks unreasonable. If it were true that we could ensure our children would be free of illnesses and diseases, this would have come out a long time ago, and we would no longer have the problem of cancer and heart-disease. Also, the buttons on the website do not look realistic, and lead to irrelevant and unreliable pages. 

Usually when there are websites for towns or cities, they will be run by the town or government, and they will have more than just a couple sentences telling facts. Also, there is a list at the bottom of the page that contains random links that are not related to Mankato at all. The facts listed in the paragraphs are informal and contain contradicting information. 

It is not possible to buy ancestors. At the bottom of the page, there is a disclaimer that states it may not be allowed in all states, which gives a hint that the website is not real. There are also comments made by different people that indicate that the website is not real or trustworthy.

Dog Island
This website is clearly fake because it is not possible for thousands of dogs to live in isolation on an island. The dogs would die without food source and fresh water, which is provided by humans. Dogs are dependent on humans. There is also a "free puppies" button, which leads to a fake website as well. I do not think anybody would want to pay to send their dogs away to an island if they love them.